A Big Year

It’s been a big year in the cramped digs.

Not only have Betty and I had a couple of kids, but we have also raised a bit of dosh for the expansion.

Lets not forget the launch of the ‘betthong’ and the infinite job interviews.

There is more to do and it looks like the build will begin […]

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How awesome is this? This is where our new bungalow is going to be! I can’t wait to get the fence up and get to work filling it with little bettongs

Did you know that us bettongs use our semi-prehensile tails to carry nesting material back to build our nests? And that we can have up to three nests? Or in Cousin Frank’s case, 43 nests!

Our wine arrived today get your paws on it http://www.goodwillwine.com.au/charities/bettong-bungalow

Check it out! My wife Betty has been bouncing on grapes making bettong wine. 50% of proceeds go to my bungalow http://www.goodwillwine.com.au/charities/bettong-bungalow


Now I should probably take some time to address “that photo” which showed up on social media. I can honestly say that I didn’t know it was being taken and am disappointed in the media’s decision to use it. It was very early in the morning (bettong time) and I hadn’t had time to fully […]

My aunt Melba was featured in a drawing by Stephen Harris at the launch of the Artist-in-residence at Mulliganas Flat Woodland Sanctuary

Betty Bettong (my wife) found an old Iphone and I have learnt how to tweet (@BrianBettong) and I created a Facebook page. It took me a bit to work out how to use the phone but I hold it with my semi-prehensile tail and use my nose to type. Oh and Betty also set me […]

I have been a busy bettong placing my job wanted add in the paper…

I haven’t had much in the way of job offers yet but SEEK are helping me by sharing it with their networks:

.@BrianBettong is looking for a job…& we think he deserves one! Find out about his plight: http://t.co/LHg3g3OJvz pic.twitter.com/wQQvRLdKXs

— SEEK (@seekjobs) June 16, […]